December 2018

Why Team Building Is An Important Addition to Our Social Media Site

As you are probably aware we are a social media site for counselors and prevention commnity members. However we would like to add a new section to our site – and that section is the team building sydney newtown section of our site.

Team Building is a prevention activity too – because we have seen how much structures, or social structures to be more exact – can fall down due to a lack of cohesion within the team.

Sometimes teams are simply nefarious – and no amount of team building can fix a team that has decided to go up against each other – however in other cases this is not always true. If a team is simply not gelling the best – there may be a lack of communication – and while you can talk until you’re blue in the face about how there should be communication and accountability – a way to get everyone relaxed in a new environment and talking to each other is through team building games.

When talking about preventing mental issues – team building is something that is not discussed but I’d be willing to bet that of all the people that work in corporate environments that there would be much less anxiety and depression if work environments were more positive and happy.

There are many types of activities that can be done – and we will be going over the various activities that team building companies have on our website once we implement this feature – in fact you may even be able to search by the type of activity that you want. So if you are in a job and you are feeling very demotivated then a team building activity may be just the thing that you need to turn it all around. By going on to our website and showing your company this research information you’ll be able to foster change and show them how important it is to have a situation where a strong team exists with much cohesion and communication.

However it is not all business – sometimes you have to take some time to self care. Recently I bought a bamboo toothbrush australia – it’s something small I can do for the environment and I just wanted to put that out there – it’s not all just business!